We all know that kids really like toys. But do you know why they love toys?. A key factor is that toys are fun. It is no doubt that If the toys weren't enjoyable, kids would not play with them. Think back to when you were a child: If your toys weren't fun, would you have played with them? Of course not! Toys provide endless entertainment. Another factor is that because toys never get tired or boring. Children cannot share their feelings with every person around so in this sense toys become their friends which are with them all the time.

What do we do when the children cry? We try to stop their weeping by playing their toys. Isn't it? And what we can see is the love for toys. When the old age gathers, the desire may change, and therefore parents try to give them the best toys they want in their youngest years.

Having lots of toys is the only wish any child can dream. The sparkle in the eyes of a child with a toy of dreams in hands is the most beautiful sight to melt even the cold-hearted person. For a parent, nothing is more precious than that moment. It is the right of every child to have a toy at their youngest age. Boys and girls are different in choosing the toy. Most commonly boys like trucks and girls like dolls.

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