Awesome Gift Ideas for Kids

Watching kids open gifts is one of the best sights in the world. There are amazing facial expressions and the almost immediate need to begin playing with their new treasure. Some gifts stand out among the rest and the memories associated with these types of gift can last a lifetime. Here are some awesome gift ideas for kids.

1. Remote controlled Flying Shark
Remote - controlled Air Swimmers Flying Shark "swims" effortlessly through the air. Here's a great gift for ages 8 and up! It's a helium-filled Great White Shark balloon that you can maneuver through the air via remote control. Swims from room to room with lifelike shark motion. Realistic graphics team up with easy steering in any direction. Remote-controlled fun has never come to life so magically!

2. Cuddly Finger Monkey
This finger monkey will be the cutest and smallest companion around! With a motion sensor that reacts to your movements, this little one’s antics will keep you entertained for hours on end.

These Fingerlings are very smart and playful and are just as lively! Your funny friend can mimic tons of hilarious movements – it can Laugh, Sing, and even Burp! Pet, Kiss, or Rock it to sleep, and see how it responds!

3. Magic Truck or Inductive Car
Inductive Car is designed to follow a route/path that's plotted using a mini magic pen. The inductive toy cars have an optical sensor inside, so it can follow BLACK THICK lines you drew. If the line is too thin, the car will not read it.

4. Kids LCD Scribble Pad
LCD Scribble Pad can be used for multiple activities like writing, list making, memos, and reminders. It has one-touch erase button. A user can simply erase the existing content on the pad with a simple press of a button making the pad ready to take new instructions or sketches. You can also play games like crosses and naughts, you can use the stylus, any pencil or even finger on the surface.

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