Perfect Gift For Every Child

Most parents will tell you that their kid has too many toys – so when it comes to birthday and Christmas gifts, how do you choose the right one?

One of the best feelings in the world is watching your child's growth, smile and happiness. It's positive energy is contagious.

Gifts Your Children Will Never Forget:

1. Affirmation : Sometimes one simple word of affirmation can change an entire life. So make sure your children know how much you appreciate them. And then, remind them every chance you get.

2. Art : With the advent of the Internet, everyone who wants to create… can. The world just needs more people who want to…

3. Challenge : Encourage your child to dream big dreams. In turn, they will accomplish more than they thought possible… and probably even more than you thought possible.

4. Compassion/Justice : Life isn’t fair. It never will be – there are just too many variables. But when a wrong has been committed or a playing field can be leveled, I want my child to be active in helping to level it.

5. Contentment : The need for more is contagious. Therefore, one of the greatest gifts you can give your children is an appreciation for being content with what they have, who they are, and who they can become.

6. Finding Beauty : Help your children find beauty in everything they see… and in everyone they meet.

7. Hope : Hope is knowing and believing that things will get better and improve. It creates strength, endurance, and resolve. And in the desperately difficult times of life, it calls us to press onward.

8. Opportunity : Kids need opportunities to experience new things so they can find out what they enjoy and what they are good at. And contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t have to require much money.

9. Optimism : Pessimists don’t change the world. Optimists do.

10. A Welcoming Home : To know that you can always come home is among the sweetest and most life-giving assurances in all the world. Is your home breathing life into your child?

Of course, none of these gifts are on sale, But every child needs those things to being a good human being.