Gift giving is something that should not be a chore. It must come from the heart. When you give gifts, you are giving something willingly without wanting something in return. Making someone feel special is more than enough reason to make you give more. It tells the receiver that you were thinking about them.

Gift giving has long been a favorite subject for studies on human behavior, with psychologists, anthropologists, economists and marketers all weighing in. They have found that giving gifts is a surprisingly complex and important part of human interaction, helping to define relationships and strengthen bonds with family and friends. Indeed, psychologists say it is often the giver, rather than the recipient, who reaps the biggest psychological gains from a gift.

Gifts have always been an important part in developing healthy, loving relationships. Apart from being just a simple gesture of appreciation towards your partners, giving the right gifts can show just how much you care for, and understand them. While all relationships are unique, no one can deny the impact these things have on creating a stronger bond and deeper connection with each other. The time one takes to get to know his or her partner’s preferences, personalities, and unique quirks makes a well-chosen gift even more special because of the effort that goes into choosing it.

This aspect of gift giving applies to families, friends and significant others. If you forget to get someone a gift for a special occasion or holiday, and they went out of their way to get you one, it just ruins the balance of the relationship. It says a lot about the status of the relationship if they remembered an occasion to express love or thoughtfulness.

Of course, to set ourselves apart, we do not want to give gifts that initially have a very high ‘wow factor’ but will just be set aside in due time. Examples of these are the stereotypical flowers, stuffed toys and the like. In the end, we want our gifts to leave a strong impression on our partners – to show them how thoughtful we are and to serve as a bridge to bring us even closer together through shared experiences.

No matter what the reason is for giving a gift, the best presents are those that come from the heart.